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Clearly explaining the probate process
in Alaska
Anicllary Probates
If a probate has been opened in a location outside of Alaska, but property in Alaska needs to be administered, then Alaska Statutes provide for the appointment of a Domiciliary Foreign Personal Representative. The personal representative or executor of the existing probate may simply file authenticated copies of appointment papers and any official bond with the court (A.S. 13.21.030). A Domiciliary Foreign Personal Representative may only be appointed if there is no pending probate in Alaska. Once appointed, the Domiciliary Foreign Personal Representative has all the powers of a local personal representative (A.S. 13.32.035).

The statutes governing ancillary administrations and foreign personal representatives in Alaska are found in A.S. 13.21.005-075.

A.S. 13.21.045 also specifically states that if a local Alaska probate is opened, it will be treated as a regular Alaska probate and governed by the provisions of A.S. 13.16.